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Skateboarding, acrobatics and graffiti at 60 – WOW (see video link below).

This amazing story is not only so heartwarming and inspiring but it also directly emphasises the crucial link between hobbies and well-being.

Whether living a normal healthy life in our senior years or caring for a loved one living with dementia, keeping up hobbies or even finding new ones (who is going to be as adventurous as this incredible human being 🤔😉🙃😊) is vital to enhance well-being.

Click here or on image to watch.

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Tag: Hobbies
Caregiver burnout (whether you as a spouse, other family member or employed caregiver caring for someone with dementia) is very real.
We suggest you must try to ensure you find respite wherever and however you can.
Challenging as it can be, please try and keep engaged in hobbies and activities of interest. Keeping involved and in-touch with your interests is vital to managing your own well-being.
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