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Establishing DROP has been a very personal journey for Sharyn and Ross McCarthy, with two living parent diagnosed with the illness (one very advanced and one with a very mild cognitive decline), and one parent passed from dementia.

A recent article in the North Coast Courier provides more insight into the founders thinking and philosophies read more around this terribly challenging and most often exceptionally frightening illness.

With an ever evolving mandate, DROP’s core purpose is ultimately to provide support to all affected people across cultures and societies; as well as individuals and organisations providing vital support services.

A key objective of our organisation is to develop long-term relationships and partnerships with like-minded people, organisations and businesses to help create a paradigm shift in thinking and actions for the support and care of people living with Dementia and Alzheimers, and Senior Citizens.

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Tag: Condition
Dementia is the umbrella name for all types of dementia and alzheimers.
There is 1 new diagnosis every 3 seconds, that’s a mind boggling 1200 cases per hour. Causes of dementia can be anything from stress, lifestyle habits, toxins, genetics, alcohol, drug abuse, other illness manifestations and so on.
Sadly there is still so much stigma, embarrassment, denial and guilt around the illness, however, we suggest this approach causes us to solely internalize all the negative stress and harmful emotional effects of our loved one’s illness.
Being part of a support group, sharing openly with close friends and family, asking for guidance from church groups or community councilors are just some channels to reach out for support.
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