About Find It For Me

FIND IT FOR ME’s launch feature is an innovative online digital Services Directory for professionals, businesses and community organisations to connect to senior citizens, family and friends.

Plans are well developed to include additional resource rich value-added features to always ensure FIND IT FOR ME remains a current and dynamic community focused platform.

FIND IT FOR ME is an initiative created by DROP NPC, a community well-being support organisation, with specialised dementia care management know-how.  Click here to go to DROP NPC’s website to read more…

DROP’s charter of Unite | Educate | Respite, provides 3 key services…

  1. Connecting communities to services, information & resources on it’s FIND IT FOR ME digital platform.
  2. Upskilling & empowering care support staff with specialised skills & knowledge,  providing family coaching and counselling programs; and offering community awareness talks and workshops around understanding dementia.
  3. Developing loving home style dignity-focused respite & convalescing solutions.


DROP’s origins and it’s FIND IT FOR ME initiative are a direct result of its founder’s family recently being severely impacted by dementia.